"Composition & Storytelling" Frequently Asked Questions

March 16 & 17, 2019


Q: I'm a beginner, is this workshop a good fit for me?

A: Absolutely! This class is great for both beginners and for pros who desire more consistency, stronger compositions, and more emotional or visual depth in their images! 

*Having an understanding of manual mode (fully controlling your ISO, shutter speed & aperture) would be very helpful, but it isn't 100% necessary.

Q. I've been doing photography for a bit now, how do I know if this workshop is a good fit for me?

A. Before accepting you as a student I'll look at your photos and we'll have a conversation about your experience level.  I want every class to benefit every student. If I believe that your skills set is beyond the class I'm teaching, I'll tell you to skip it! 

Q: Should I bring a camera?

A: Yes, this is a hands on workshop!

Q: How should I prepare my camera?

A: You should have your battery fully charged, with a back up battery and charger on hand, if possible. Please bring a memory card or two, with LOTS of space to take pictures. If you have more than one lens for your camera, you may want to bring those, as well.

Q: Do I need to bring anything else?

A: Yes, if you have a laptop or device that you can download your images to, that would be great as well, however it's not required.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Feel free to dress casually and comfortably.  Boots, hats, gloves, and layers are recommended.  We'll be walking both inside and outside, at Terrain & Longwood (it's warm inside of Longwood's Conservatory).

Q. Will the class times be lecture-style or more participation based?

A. Both!  The workshop will have short videos in our private Facebook group, plus in-person sessions to reiterate the information during the weekend of March 16th and 17th, followed by LOTS of practice time. This is a multi-layered, hands-on workshop that gives the information lots of opportunities to sink in and stick! 

Q. Will we be learning about props and styling?  

A. Not much.  The topic will come up a tiny bit, but the bulk of that info is  covered in another workshop, called "Styled Session Strategies".  This workshop covers the universal elements that are go into creating compelling images.  For example- we'll talk about light- it's quality, how the direction effects portraits, the way a flash, reflector or natural sunlight effects an image, etc...  We'll talk about composition- how to balance the elements., leading lines, centered vs off centered, etc... We'll talk about colors, which ones stand out, how to combine them to create more visual interest, how they are effected by light, etc...  There are many elements that we will cover.  And when all of this knowledge is brought together, the results are stronger and more artistic photos!

Q. Will there be models and will we be posing?

No, that's also another workshop, called "Communication and Posing".  Photography is a craft that has many, many components that weave together to create amazing images.  In order to not overwhelm students, the content has been broken up into manageable classes so that we can go deep each time we meet, vs glossing over the highlights in a short amount of time.  

Q. How many people will be attending?

A. The March workshop will be kept small and intimate. We will have no more than 6 attendees in this workshop.

Q. I'm coming alone. Should I be nervous?

A. It's perfectly normal to be nervous in a new situation, but this workshop will be full of welcoming warmth. Kim loves people, thrives on connection and is intentionally creating an atmosphere of inclusion. No nerves needed.

Q. I like downtime, will there be opportunities for me to unwind?

A. On Saturday, we have a longer dinner "hour" (2 hours, actually) and we formally end our evening at 8:30pm, to give space to those who need it.  On Sunday, our day will be full, but you may opt to walk around Longwood alone for a bit, if that suits you!

Q. Do you offer refunds if I sign up but can't make it?

A. No, we're sorry, refunds are not available, however, you may sell or give your spot to another attendee so that they might attend in your place. The seats are transferable.

Q. Do you recommend anyone for travel assistance or travel insurance?

A. I do! CJ Jones would be happy to help you!  Emailing CJ at cj@wilcoxtravel.com is the fastest way to reach him, or if you prefer the phone, you can call his lovely assistant/wife, Rachel at 828-254-0746. Ext 326.

Q. Is transportation provided?

A. Transportation is not provided 

Q. Is food included?

A. We will provide supper on Saturday evening, plus breakfast on Sunday. You are welcome to join us for these meals at no additional cost.  Lunch on Saturday and Sunday will not be provided.  *For more details see the full schedule in the previous link.

Q. Where should I stay?

A. We have extra beds in the house. If you would like to stay with us you may! Beds will be assigned on a first come (aka first to sign up), first serve basis. There are three bedrooms with a total of three double occupancy beds.  If you would prefer to go home at night or make other lodging arrangements that's OK, too!  We know the value of a good night's sleep in your own bed!  

*While this is a workshop for both men and women, we will not mix genders in the bedrooms, unless it is specifically requested (for example if a husband and wife are joining us... we won't make you sleep separately. hehe)  At this time, we have two rooms with women in them already.  The third is unspoken for at the time of this writing.

Q.  Is the cost of the Longwood visit included in our fee?

A.  Yes!  We will reserve your ticket for you.  There will be no additional fee for your entry into Longwood.

Q. Will there be coffee?

A. Yes!  While we are at our Airbnb there will be a steady stream of it!  I'll have regular & decaf on hand, as well as a flavored bean or two, plus cream, sugar, honey and stevia.  *This is actually my MOST frequently asked question.  haha  **COFFEE!!**

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

I'm looking forward to another great time of knowledge-sharing and growth for our photo-loving community!

Warmly, Kim Winey aka Miss Kimmi


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